"It certainly looked busy when I came down.  

The crayon balloons were really good, well done you!"

Lisa Hopkins, Centre Manager, Riverside Shopping Centre, Evesham.

Arty Party is encased with an abundance of colour to heighten the senses.  Brightly coloured backdrops , table cloths and 10ft tall balloon crayons.  

Alongside the fun art is our caricaturist who will sketch your customers, exaggerating their most striking characteristics to create a humorous cartoon portrait.​

Black art pictures

Magic wet 'n' stick noodles

One of our most colourful set ups

Badge making 


To book this event for your centre


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Play dough fun

Children naturally love art, painting, drawing, building and creating.  

The best thing is, art is not only great fun it is also essential in brain development, encouraging creativity and social skills.

Bonka's 'Arty Party' event brings together ​art activities for all:

Play Dough - helps coordination

Magic wet n stick noodles - Creativity through 3D model making

​Badge Making - Imagination and cognitive skills

​Sketching - Expression and communication skills

​Black art - stimulating and thought provoking

Model making - Fun movable models for creative play

Didgeridoo making -  Igniting development through music



Fun models