The commercialisation of Christmas has lead to the disappearance of magic and excitement. Huge budgets are being spent on flat pack builds with furniture painted on walls, cheap looking off the peg costumes and a get them in, get them out philosophy.

Where has the attention to detail gone? What happened to the believable staff that left our little ones filled with wonderment and joy?  Memorable experiences have become flying visits creating unhappy customers, most of whom like to vent their disapproval on social network pages.  

What is it you require from your seasonal events, Increased footfall? Positive social network traffic? Ticket sales?  Bonka's can do this effectively, whilst still keeping the magic and excitement that many companies now overlook.  Best of all we will not charge you more, the difference between us and our competitors is simply that we care about the experiences your customers have and experiences is what we do best.​

"Thank you so much, I am beyond happy with what you have created.  You have done such an amazing job.  

I can't wait for next year too"

Jodie Wood, Centre Administrator, Wulfrun Shopping Centre.

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