Important information 

Ghostbusting is rapidly becoming our most popular event, not just for Halloween but also summer and Christmas launches.  

With some dates already booked up, if you are interested in booking this event for your venue, contact us immediately.

We can also provide female Ghostbuster characters or a mixture of male and female if preferred.

Ecto - 1 Ghostbusters car replica.  

This fully functional, drivable vehicle is the only one in the UK

Recommended crowd puller for your Ghostbusting event

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​Ghostbusters took the world by storm in the 1980's and has remained a cult favourite since.   Now is your chance to bring the film to life with a Ghostbusting event unlike any other.

So who ya gonna call?

"Thanks for organising the Ghostbusting event for us, it was a great success"

Karen Staniforth, Marketing Manager, Frenchgate shopping centre.

If you want this event at you venue,

​who ya gonna call?



'The Ghostbusting event went really well with lots of good feedback on Facebook'

Andrew Thomas-Knowles, Centre Manager, St George's shopping centre