Set against a large backdrop and impressive balloon decorations are colourful giant traditional games.  Our larger than life games master organises and hosts the games, in which contestants become the pieces.

Participants sign up to take part at our registration table.  Several heats run throughout the day,

allowing  plenty of customers to take part in the fun.

​Round one - Several participants play against each other, to eliminate all but two players.

Round two - Remaining contestants go head to head in a second game.  ​

​​The judicator keeps score of how many goes it takes each player to win the game.  At event close, the player who won both games within a heat in the quickest amount of goes receives the overall winners prize. 
Should more than one player have equal score, they go into a hat.

​Alongside the giant games we have board game challenges on several games tables around  the main event area. There are hosts on hand to compete against those who do not have games partners.  

Prizes are given to all winners who beat a host.

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