'It was lovely to see you all , Alice’s Wonderland was really popular with our  visitors small & grown up .... Hope to see you in the summer.  Many thanks'
Rebecca Jeal, Marketing Assistant, Gloucester Quays Outlet

​​​​​WONDERLAND event

If you don't know which way to go, it doesn't matter which path you take, but if you are looking for an adventure don't go that way ...you must, most definitely, go this way!
Wonderland is the perfect place to celebrate the Easter season, it's always tea time, nothing is what it seems and everybody is a little mad.  Reality, for a moment, becomes just a memory as you forget who you were and find yourself all over again in a very strange undertaking.  

Every adventure requires a first step, so join us as we tumble through the rabbit hole and gatecrash your favourite characters at their nonsensical tea party.  Seat yourself at the table and find your muchness for the ultimate magical photo opportunity and then decorate a chocolate cupcake and then devour it whilst watching the most frivolous of shows.  But whatever you do, be sure not to lose your head!

“We’re mad, Bonka's, completely off our heads. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

Wonderland Event is fully inclusive of backdrop and setting, balloon arches, props, music, seven costumed performers, all photographs taken and cupcake workshop.

​"Your guys were brilliant!  We were so happy with how the Wonderland events went"

Stephanie Williams, Marketing Manager, The Lowry Outlet.

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