​Which path will you walk?  The ordinary, or dare to take the extraordinary?  Every adventure begins with a moment, and your moment is now.

Let us guide you down the path to the extraordinary.   We believe that fantasies and our ability to imagine are important, it nourishes our very souls and is the foundation that allows us to dream.

Bonka's grew from a fantasy fuelled by imagination and a pinch of a magic.  We have made our own and many more dreams come true, now let us work on yours.  With us seeing is believing, smiles are catching, amazement is conventional and the experience is addictive.

BE Bonka's, because all the very best people are

​We don't turn up with a bunch of shoddy outfits and props, hoping everything turns out okay.  ​Our costumes and settings are hand made by us and tailored with both detail and care,  so you won't find these anywhere else.

We care about the intricate details that make all the difference ensuring our characters and settings are realistic, resulting in an immersive, interactive experience.

​Happiness and entertainment are interrelated.  Entertainment is a source of relaxation, it enhances your mental health and relieves stress.  

Not only do our themed events increase footfall and the hours of guests attendance, the feel good factor they create leads to higher retailer spend, whilst enhancing the shopping centres perception.