No fake walls with painted on fixtures, no plastic moulded furniture. 

All our props are REAL to give a REAL experience.

Explore the world of Santa's helpers like never before and unwrap the wonders of the season in this one of a kind adventure created by Bonka's.  Step inside this premier attraction and experience the magic of Christmas come to life.

This unique experience makes dreams come true and creates lasting memories.

Childhood magic is precious, so we know how important it is to keep the magic alive with realism.  Seeing is believing, so we make sure you believe what you see. 

The Elf Station is built inside an empty retail unit, transforming it into a whole new twinkling world of wonder.  Begin your journey in Santa's, write your list to Santa send it off to the North Pole.  Join the Elves in their workshop and get busy with a some Christmas arts & crafts.  Step into the seasonal themed setting at the rear and pose for your free photograph, that is immediately printed for you.

The Elf Station comes with a team of Elves, with the optional addition of a 'REAL' Santa who will interact with visitors and happily pose for photos.