Being Evil never looked so much fun.
Our Villains are united in one great event showing just how good it is to be bad!

Let your dark side run wild with Dr Jekyll's stomach churning, tummy tickling travelling laboratory.

If all the anticipation for the new movie has got you hankering for a dose of the original, have no fear, Bonka's has it covered with their brand new event.

Each participant receives a large pumpkin onto which they can draw a design of their choice.​​​  Our carvers then transform the design into an amazing Jack O Lantern.

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Lit with UV lighting and eerily decorated, the Castle holds a head on a table.   Participants are in for a surprise when the head springs to life.  Is it puppetry? Is it an illusion? Is it magic or is it real? ... You decide.

Ghouls, ghosts and gore abound, horrid haunts and spooky surprises around every corner during a Bonka's Halloween.

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